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Открытое письмо Тьерри Фремо, Тильды Суинтон, Марка Казинса в поддержку Наума Клеймана

Список подписавшихся позже под письмом впечатляет: Жан-Мари Штрауб, Джонатан Розенбаум, Марко Мюллер, Педру Кошта, Жуан Педру Родригиш, Пьер Леон, Амос Гитай, Жан-Мишель Фродон, Серж Бозон, Бернар Эйзеншиц, Дамьен Одуль, Эжен Грин, Бенджамен Хейзенберг, и список продолжает пополняться.

A letter to Dmitry Medvedev concerning Naum Kleiman

To Prime-Minister of Russian Government,
Dmitry Medvedev

Russian and Soviet films have been amongst the greatest artworks of the last century. We filmmakers and movie lovers around the world – in Europe, America, Asia and elsewhere – have been enriched by them. We watch the films by Sergei Eisenstein and many others and, in doing so, discover particular and unique ways in which this art form can be.

We, of course, cannot be custodians of this heritage, these treasures. We rely on the great Russian film historians to be keepers of the flame of these films, to help us understand why they are priceless.

Those of us who have met Naum Kleiman know that he is the first amongst these scholars. For decades now, he has protected and, brilliantly, presented, the achievements of Eisenstein, Boris Barnet and many other filmmakers. Kleiman and his team at the Moscow Cinema Museum have shown, for a generation now, judgement, generosity and scholarship which is world class, and from which every archive and cinematheque can learn.

We are, therefore, deeply concerned to hear that Kleiman and his staff have been dismissed from the role of keepers of the flame. We do not know all the political complexities of what has happened, but we would like to protest, in the strongest possible terms, against the ill-advised changes in the leadership of film policy in Russia.

Just like in 1968, when filmmakers as diverse as Orson Welles and Carl Theodor Dreyer, wrote to the French government, decrying the dismissal of Henri Langlois, we want to say: this Cinema Museum isn’t only yours, it’s ours too. And we trust Kleiman and his team. They have proved themselves and we can learn from them. Respect their knowledge and integrity, realise how wise you will be to cherish and rely upon it for the sake of the humane business of founding the culture of the future on the profound and incalculably precious roots of the past – and please reverse your decisions.

We call on other filmmakers around the world to endorse or sign this statement, in solidarity and cinephile friendship.

Mark Cousins
Tilda Swinton
Thierry Fremaux

Further signatories

Tom Luddy, Pacific Film Archive, Telluride Film Festival
David Robinson, Giornate del cinema muto
Jaime Pena, film critic and programmer
Wanda Bershen, founder NY Jewish Film Festval
Ramiro Ledo Cordeiro, filmmaker, Spain
Marina Vinyes Albes, independent film curator
Antti Alanen, Film programmer, National Audiovisual Institute (Finland)
Milena Gregor, Arsenal - Institut für Film und Videokunst e.V. Berlin
Ana Pfaff, Editor
Javier Rebollo, Filmmaker, Spain
Catherine Gautier, Deputy director and Head of Programming, Filmoteca Española
Annamaria Scaramella, Director of Production, Márgenes
James Mackay, producer and curator
Jesse Richards, Remodernist Film Manifesto
Ashtar Al Khirsan
Manuel Asín, Intermedio DVD
Nicola Falcinella, critic, programmer for International Critics’ Week Venice and filmmaker
Chiara Marañón, content and acquisitions manager, Mubi
Adriana Delgado, film blogger and reviewer
Alejandro Díaz, Head of Programming, Seville International Film Festival and film critic
Gerwin Tamsma, programmer, International Film Festival Rotterdam
Álvaro Arroba, critic and programmer, Spain
Arun Khopkar
Vladimir Léon, filmmaker, producer, Paris
Gonzalo de Pedro Amatria, critic and programmer, Festival del Film Locarno
Francisco Algarín, editor, and all the editorial board members of Lumière magazine
Oona Mosna, Program Director, Media City Film Festival
Elena Hazanov, film director
Carlos Muguiro, Independent curator and researcher (Spain)
Amir Labaki, founder and director, It’s All True International Documentary Film Festival, Brazil
Pierre Léon, filmmaker, critic, Paris
Eva Truffaut (François Truffaut’s estate)
Javier Bassas Vila, teacher, University of Barcelona, and subtitle translator
Jonathan Rosenbaum, critic
Iris Elezi, Albanian filmmaker
Luis Felipe Labaki, filmmaker, Brazil
Maryna Ajaja, Programmer selector Seattle International Film Festival
Richard Millen
João Pedro Rodrigues, Filmmaker, Portugal
Marco Müller, director, Rome Film Festival
Anne Benhaïem, cinéaste filmmaker
Serge Bozon, film director
Tatiana (Tania) Detkina, Hruška a Krys s.r.o
Richard Rousseau
Patricia Mazuy, director
Andrea Inzerillo, Artistic Director, Sicilia Queer filmfest
Sébastien Buchmann, cinematographer, Paris, France
Pierre-Marie Goulet, filmaker, France/Portugal
Frédéric Pieretti, actor and director, France
Hervé Joubert-Laurencin, Professeur de cinéma, traducteur, cinéphile, Paris, Université de Nanterre
Cyrille Janisset
Mikael Buch
Lionel Baier, filmmaker, Head of the film department ECAL, vice president of the Swiss Film Archives, Switzerland
Vladimir Perisic, filmmaker, Belgrade, Serbia
José Manuel Sande, critic and programmer
Christiane Aprile
Michel Mella
Thomas Pfanne
Eugène Green, director and writer
Nicolas Saada, screenwriter/director
Premendra Mazumder, film critic and curator; Vice President, Federation of Film Societies of India
Sashi Kumar, filmmaker and film critic, India
Ranjit Hoskote, poet, cultural theorist and curator
Sam Di Iorio, Associate Professor of French, Hunter College, NYC
Misha Boris Anissimov, Cinema Faculty, University of San Carlos, Cebu, Philippines
Maria Bedos
Aline Nicolas, designer, France
Marc Leonard, editor, Paris
Judith Abitol, filmmaker, Paris, France
Jean-Michel Frodon, Film critic, professor, writer
Amos Gitai
Carole Lauree
Pedro Costa, filmmaker, Portugal
Richard Rousseau, casting director
Laurence Guez-Zoberman
Isaac Julien and Mark Nash
Ariel Schweitzer, Les cahiers du cinéma, France
Jean-Marie Straub, filmmaker, France
Marie Vermillard, filmmaker
Patric Chiha, filmmaker
Mark Cosgrove, Cinema Curator, Watershed, Bristol, UK
Marie Anne Guerin, film critic at Trafic, Paris
Dominique Auvray, editor, director, France
Manuela Morgaine, filmmaker, France
Jukka Sammalisto, film critic & blogger, Helsinki
Shelly Silver, artist and filmmaker; Chair, Visual Arts Program, Columbia University, NYC, USA
Jacky Goldberg critic, filmmaker, France
Christoph Terhechte, curator, Head of the Berlinale Forum
Noël Herpe
Pascal Cervo
Yolande Zauberman, Golden Fish Moscow Festival for Ivan and Abraham
Anne Scherrer, teacher, Paris, France
Joaquim Pinto, Nuno Leonel, filmmakers, Portugal
Professor Helen Grace, independent filmmaker; Associate, Department of Gender & Cultural Studies, Sydney College of the Arts; Founding Director, MA Programme in Visual Culture Studies, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Carla Diratz
Sylvie Pras, Responsable des Cinémas, Centre Pompidou
Anjali Monteiro and K.P. Jayasankar, filmmakers and academics
Hélène Strummer
Gloria Vilches, coordinator of Xcèntric, Center of Contemporary Culture, Barcelona, Spain
Nicolas Villodre, cinémathécaire et critique
Nicolas Wackerbarth, filmmaker; o-editor of Revolver-filmmagazine, Germany
Edgardo Cozarinsky
Joana Gusmão and Pedro Fernandes Duarte, Portuguese independent film producers
Benjamin Heisenberg, director
Manuela Morgaine, filmmaker, Paris
Velipekka Makkonen, film critic, member of the Filmihullu film magazine collective
Païni Dominique
Fernanda Coelho, audiovisual conservative, Cinemateca Brasileira, Brazil
Luís Urbano, producer, Portugal
Keith Sanborn, filmmaker, translator, film scholar
Irène Tenèze
Anil Zankar, India
Perry Bard, media artist, New York
Chandita Mukherjee, filmmaker and teacher, Mumbai, India
Michelle Handelman, filmmaker​, professor, New York
Natalie Gravenor, realeyz.tv VOD platform, One World Berlin Human Rights Film Festival
Ross Lipman, filmmaker and archivist
Yann Beauvais, filmmaker
Dick Jewell, artist/filmmaker/tutor, Royal College of Art
Brenda Hutchinson, sound artist, USA
Thomas Beard, Light Industry
Bernard Eisenschitz, film historian
Fernando Ganzo
Georg Grotenfelt, filmmaker, Helsinki, Finland
Axelle Ropert, writer and director, France
Masha Godovannaya, visual artist, curator, educator, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Science, St. Petersburg University, Russia
Aurélia Georges, filmmaker, Paris, France
Patricia Falguières, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris
John Smith, filmmaker, Professor of Fine Art, London
Vadim Sher, film composer, Paris
Damien Odoul, filmmaker, France
Milos Stehlik, Director, Facets Cinematheque, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Su Friedrich, filmmaker, USA
Uma Tanuku, documentary filmmaker, Delhi, India
Cecilia Barrionuevo, Mar del Plata International Film Festival, Argentina
Kumar Shahani, University of Delhi
Nadia Brisemure
Kira Jääskeläinen, director and curator, Finland
Lauri Kärk, film historian, University of Tartu

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